Service Wire and Independent Electric Supply Team Up for Spartan Race in Arizona

Service Wire and Independent Electric Supply Team Up for Spartan Race in Arizona
(right to left) Adam Stiles, Dave Negron, Shane Williams, Mike Madjidi, Dave Freeman, Patrick, Mitch, Mat Christ, Mike Lightcap, Ozzy Hernandez, Ryan Vaughn, Kris Beachman, Cameron Cone, Rick Cambell (A-Magnum)


PHOENIX, AZ – Service Wire’s Phoenix sales team is always looking for ways to build on their relationships with customers. On February 10, three member of the Phoenix Sales office took team building to a whole new level when they paired up with Independent Electrical Supply (IES) to compete in a Spartan Race.

Regional Sales Manager Mike Madjidi and Account Manager Shane Williams, along with Sales Rep Robby Glass represented Service Wire alongside teammates from IES to run the Spartan Super in Phoenix.

The Race was set on a strenuous 8+ mile course packed with over 25 obstacles, including dead lifts, javelin/spear throwing, wall climbs, crawling under barbed wire in the mud, and jumping over fire.

Madjidi was approached by Dave Freeman, Regional Manager of IES, several months prior to the race and asked to form a team. No stranger to athletic competitions (he and Shane Williams competed in a 24-hour bicycle ride in 2016) Madjidi jumped at the challenge.

A fitness enthusiast, Madjidi likes to promote wellness with his “get off the couch” philosophy. “A Spartan Race is something I’ve wanted to do for years and when it provides an opportunity to strengthen both your body AND a positive work relationship, it’s a WIN-WIN… even if there’s NO chance of winning the race.”

Shane Williams who has competed in a multitude of endurance events said the race was a challenge. “This is a unique event that offered challenges different from a standard event like biking or running. I’m glad I participated!”

Robby Glass is a student at Arizona State University and is serving as an Intern in the sales office. Glass enthusiastically agreed to represent Service Wire and finished the race in the top 5% overall. “It was a tough race, but I was glad to have done it with so many good people from the electrical industry.”

The Service Wire/IES team trained for two months to prepare for the Race. Madjidi says they may be doing something like this again. “We are always willing to go the extra mile for our customers… in this case it was over eight!”

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