Service Wire’s Self-Terminating Connectors Earn Product of the Year Silver Award

Service Wire Company’s Self-Terminating Connectors for the ServiceDrive® VFD Cable System were named the Product of the Year Silver Winner. The VFD cable connectors beat more than 100+ products, claiming second runner-up in EC&M’s annual competition.

The self-terminating connectors provide a 360-degree termination method required for critical drive systems to operate properly. When coupled with ServiceDrive® shielded VFD cable, the system provides the best low impedance path for the high frequency current—protecting drives, motors, and surrounding equipment from the effects of EMI and common-mode stray currents.

The connectors are now available for a variety of applications and are quick and easy to install in direct wire, liquid tight, NPT conduit, and jacketed MC.

                        The complete ServiceDrive® System consists of cable, self-terminating connectors, and termination kits. ServiceDrive® tray and interlocked armor cables include configuration of three NFPA 79 compliant XLPE insulated conductors and three balanced grounds with helically applied 5-mil copper tape shield. Available in #14 AWG – 750 Kcmil, dual rated 600V/1kV or 2kV copper with overall ServiceDrive® (PVC), ServiceCPE®, or ServiceDrive Plus® (Factory Mutual Group 1 LSZH) jacket.


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