Shea Electric & Communications, LLC Partners with breezEV on Installing Hassle-Free EV Stations 

OSHKOSH, WI — As more automotive manufacturers increase production of electric vehicles, drivers face a new challenge — finding somewhere to charge their vehicles. To help property owners, businesses and municipalities create an EV charging infrastructure, Shea Electric & Communications, LLC is now installing breezEV hassle-free charging stations. 

EV drivers normally charge their vehicles while at home, but also need places at work or in the community to power up. 

“Drivers are looking for more chargers and they expect to see them at work, businesses and schools and public places like parks or a shopping district,” said Dan Shea, owner of Shea Electric & Communications, LLC. “EVs have grown in popularity and the framework needs to be in place so drivers can get where they need to go.”  

Created by Illinois-based Light Effective Design, breezEV chargers work with every type of vehicle and all drivers can use them. That combination provides businesses, property owners, employers and municipalities with a one-stop solution for their charging needs. 

breezEV comes equipped with AmpUp, an EV software that provides advanced, easy-to-use tools for managing multiple EV stations and locations. Shea said the AmpUp mobile app alerts drivers when a nearby charger is available and uses Amp Reservations to schedule vehicle charging. 

“Let’s say you need to charge your vehicle while you’re at work, you would be able to use the app and set up a time when you can use one of onsite chargers,” Shea said. “It simplifies the process.” 

breezEV utilizes an open charge point protocol (OCPP) system, which provides multiple advantages to operators, including flexibility to choose the latest technology and software; interoperability, which means any OCPP compliant hardware or software will work with each other; scalability, which allows operators to add new chargers from different vendors; and future-proof since OCPP compliant EV charging stations means they will be hassle free more than other EV infrastructure systems. 

Consumers and employees are interested in having better access to EV charging stations away from their home. An estimated 74% of EV owners are interested in charging their vehicle at work while 88% of people are more likely to remain loyal to an eco-friendly company versus businesses that are not eco-friendly. 

“We’re ready to work with property owners, businesses and others to set up the necessary infrastructure for having EV chargers,” Shea said. “One big reason we like breezEV is how it works with any vehicle, and anyone can use it unlike some charging stations that drivers need to hold membership to use.” 

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Shea Electric & Communications, LLC Partners with breezEV on Installing Hassle-Free EV Stations 

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