Simplify Project Design with Atkore’s Revit Toolbar

Atkore International, a provider of electrical, safety and infrastructure solutions, has launched its new Revit® Toolbar. The Atkore Revit Toolbar allows users to import BIM (building information modeling) models into their designs without having to leave the Revit software to search multiple websites for the products they need. Using Atkore’s Revit Toolbar simplifies project designs with easy access to Atkore product models.

Some of the toolbar’s main functionalities include:

Access to Atkore product families – Close to 650 Atkore product families are available for import within the Revit Toolbar. Select the product and product type as well as the product category and category type and the toolbar will provide the corresponding BIM model.

Library Manager – The toolbar is completely customizable from one project to the next. The user has the option to pick and choose which products and product categories they would like to import in the toolbar for each project.

Contact Support – The Revit Toolbar provides a direct line of communication via the phone number and email of an Atkore technical sales representative based on the user’s location. Users can ask technical and application questions in order to get more information on the products in the toolbar.

Immediate Feedback – Allows users to provide feedback to the Atkore development team regarding additional functionalities and products as well as functionality errors.

Users only need to download and install the toolbar in the Revit software once. After the initial launch, it will automatically run in the background and can be accessed during any project.

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Simplify Project Design with Atkore’s Revit Toolbar

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