Social Media for Contractors Is Focus of Hubbell Commercial Construction Brands 


Social Media for Contractors Is Focus  of Hubbell Commercial Construction Brands 

South Bend, Indiana November 28, 2017 – The Hubbell Commercial Construction brands (RACO, TayMac, Bell, Wiegmann, Acme Electric) have launched a new social media initiative. New conversational communications provides contractors, distributors, OEMs and other customers an immediate way to speak to the company as well as receive company and industry information. The Hubbell Commercial Construction brands provide innovative electrical products to industrial, commercial and residential markets.


Social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter allow customers to connect with the brands for technical or customer support, provide feedback, share tips, view instructional videos and receive breaking news or special offers. Mobile communications are emphasized.


“We’re excited about hearing from and speaking directly to our ultimate customers, especially electrical contractors,” said VP of Marketing, Mike Overstreet. “They have the most to gain from product innovations and better service. This gives them the means to connect directly with us.”


Follow the brands via these social channels:









About Hubbell Commercial Construction

Hubbell Commercial Construction includes five brands that provide innovative and cost-effective electrical products with superior customer service for commercial and/or residential markets. RACO creates electrical boxes, covers, and fittings. TayMac crafts “while in use” covers for outdoor electrical applications. Bell produces weatherproof boxes, covers and outdoor lighting. Wiegmann offers the most complete line of electrical enclosures for OEM, Commercial Construction, and MRO markets. Acme manufactures power conversion and conditioning equipment for industrial, commercial and OEM applications.


These historic brands are part of Hubbell Inc., one of the largest electrical manufacturers in North America. The company’s history of innovation extends back to 1888. Founder Harvey Hubbell invented the pull chain light switch and electric plug.

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