SONNEMAN–A Way of Light Introduces Intervals Recessed Downlights

SONNEMAN—A Way of Light, is lighting is excited to announce the release of the Intervals Recessed Downlights system. Engineered by design with the power to perform, Intervals delivers high-performance technology from a sophisticated, flexible modular system.

“Challenged by the opportunity to rethink and reimagine a new approach to recessed downlighting, we sought to encompass the best features and performance possible in a unified, integrated, and modern way,” said Robert Sonneman, founder and chief creative officer, SONNEMAN—A Way of Light. “With our extensive knowledge and expertise in LED lighting, our team built a high output, energy-efficient system that provides extraordinary illuminating performance for the best in architectural applications.”

Extending and supporting the company’s Intervals Architectural Linear Beam system, the new Intervals Recessed Downlights achieve a comprehensive and unified approach to dynamically lighting interior spaces.

Intervals high-performance recessed downlights are available in four sizes: 1″, 2″, 3″, and 4″, with performance capabilities increasing with scale. The light engines, optics, trims, ceiling applications, and housings are all interchangeable within each size providing unparalleled flexibility in the field. Installations can be reconfigured on-site to use a different power level, size, or shape right up to the final ceiling installation, and a different color temperature, optic, trim style, ceiling application, or finish even after the ceiling is installed.

Intervals Recessed Downlights are offered in fixed (all sizes), adjustable (2”, 3”, and 4” only), and wall wash (3” and 4” only) models, and all models are fully serviceable from below the ceiling. The fixed and wall wash models feature a seamless fit between the optic and trim aperture, for optimal energy efficiency and light output. The 2”, 3”, and 4” sizes feature a patent pending spring-loaded connection between the light engine and trim, allowing for field installation of multiple optical accessories. These three sizes also share the same patent pending in-ceiling housing, allowing for early- or late-stage changes during construction.

The adjustable models offer 40 degrees of continuous, step-free locking tilt and a full 360 degrees of locking rotational aiming, allowing them to direct light towards the target with precision and retain their desired position. The Intervals wall wash model features a dedicated asymmetric wall wash optic, bathing a vertical surface with exceptionally even illumination from ceiling to floor, without scalloping or shadows.

Intervals light engines feature cold-forged aluminum heatsinks that provide optimal thermal performance. This feature is a unique differentiator from other downlights on the market, as the cold-forged aluminum material allows for smaller and lighter heatsinks than the extruded or die-cast aluminum options from other brands. The Cree COB light source provides high center beam candlepower without multiple shadows, and is available in five color temperatures with 2-step MacAdam ellipse color binning for consistent color. In addition, Intervals Recessed Downlights can be ordered with warm dimming and tunable white options. Intervals optics are high-efficiency hybrid TIR optics, providing a smooth beam pattern with no media or beam softening lens required. This system meets California Title 24 Part 6 JA8 High Efficacy LED and Chicago Plenum requirements when used with standard drivers and IC housings.

SONNEMAN lighting is available through the company’s partner distributors and is specified by architects and designers throughout the United States and Canada. View the Intervals Recessed Downlights system’s full variety of trims, sizes, colors, ceiling applications, and optics at the Intervals Recessed Downlight Experience Centers, located at the SONNEMAN showrooms in the New York Design Center and Dallas Market Center.   For more information and specifications please visit

SONNEMAN–A Way of Light Introduces Intervals Recessed Downlights

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