Stay Connected with Orbit’s Popular Floor Boxes

Stay Connected with Orbit’s Popular Floor Boxes



Orbit Industries’ line of Floor Boxes are as aesthetically pleasing as they are functional! Recent additions to the line include GFCI and USB Pop-Up Floor Boxes, as well as 2-Gang Flip Lid and Round Plug models.

Orbit’s GFCI Pop-Up and USB Pop-Up Floor Boxes are available as a complete Floor Box Assembly or as an individual Cover in either Brushed Brass or Stainless Steel. Each model features a 20A tamper-resistant receptacle with 125VAC. GFCI Pop-Ups Receptacles are countertop-rated for kitchen and bathroom installation. USB Pop-Ups include two USB ports with 5VDC. Both GFCI and USB Covers are compatible with Orbit’s PVC Floor Box Assembly for Concrete Slab installations.

2-Gang Floor Box Assemblies and Covers have also been added in a variety of models to fit different applications. Assemblies and Covers are available with the choice of either two duplex receptacles or a combination of one low voltage and one duplex receptacle. With Stainless Steel or Brushed Brass finishes, as well as Flip Lid or Round Plug options, Orbit’s 2-Gang Floor Boxes ensure the right model for the right job.

All Floor Boxes are featured within Orbit Industries’ Floor Box Catalog. Browse through an offering of ready-to-install assemblies or customize your own assembly from our extensive list of covers and boxes. Ensuring a flush and easy installation on carpet, tile or wood floors Orbit’s line of Floor Boxes provides a convenient way to power devices.

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