Take the Pressure Off and Reduce Enclosure Condensation

Take the Pressure Off and Reduce Enclosure Condensation


Hammond Manufacturing offers three versions of breather kits for use with indoor and outdoor electrical enclosures. The Large Breather, the Small Rainproof Ventilator and the Pressure Compensation Plug designs protect the internally mounted equipment from contamination when fitted.

For Type 12/4 (IP54-IP66) enclosures, the provision of effective gasketing and sealing between panels and doors to exclude water and dust inevitably isolates the interior of the enclosure from the external environment. In a sealed enclosure, pressure differentials can occur as the result of temperature variations arising from heat generated by the housed equipment and/or natural day/night variations. The risk of dust and humidity ingression into the enclosure or the formation of condensation can be significantly increased by this pressure differential increasing the possibilities of corrosion and equipment malfunction. Fitting the breather kits to the enclosure ensures that temperature and pressure differential issues are automatically negated throughout the life of the enclosure.

The Large Breather and the Small Rainproof Ventilator are fitted to opposite sides of the enclosure to give an airflow path; both designs feature an internal vent channel and grille to reduce insect intrusion. The Pressure Compensation Plug is fitted to the base of the enclosure. Its unique design includes a drain path providing a method of effectively removing condensed moisture from within the enclosure.

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