Three Meteor Lighting Products Recognized by IES Progress Committee

Three Meteor Lighting Products Recognized by IES Progress Committee

Meteor Lighting is proud to announce that three product submissions were recognized by the judges as a “Unique and Significant Advancement to the Art and Science of Lighting.” This is a tremendous honor and achievement for the company, maintaining its long tradition of creating award-winning products.

All three products were showcased at the 2019 IES Annual conference, where there was a 33% decrease from new companies submitting products. In luminaires, there was a 45% drop compared to last year which indicates a maturing market but that advancements in Lighting are now primarily new features and not new breakthroughs.

The drop in submitted products is also reflective of the increasingly stringent judging process, showing the goals of the IES to really set the bar high for industry standards. Where before was purely from a performance standpoint, the judging committee covers all bases of a luminaire from Power, Controls, Manufacturing Quality, and Application as evident from the involvement by ConEdison, Hubbell Lighting Controls, and The Lighting Practice in judging Meteor Lighting products.

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