Tivoli Lighting Expands its Versatile, Urban Series Extrusion Offerings for Commercial and Residential Spaces

Tivoli Lighting Expands its Versatile, Urban Series Extrusion Offerings for Commercial and Residential Spaces

With more than 50 years of innovation and linear lighting leadership, Tivoli Lighting introduces six new products to its robust Urban Series Extrusion line to offer a variety of contemporary ceiling and wall lighting selections for high-end retail and restaurants, resorts and hotels, commercial offices, apartment units and residential high-rise buildings.

Offering more options for lighting designers and specifiers, five of the new 6.5-foot-long ceiling and wall lighting units are surface-mounted, while the sixth addition is recessed-mounted.  Three of the new units in the Urban Series Extrusion line – Alton, Astoria and Mofett – provide direct symmetric light in a slim rectangular profile.  Marsala, with its 90° profile, also delivers direct symmetric light, while Dewar produces indirect lighting.  The new recessed fixture, Noyes distributes direct symmetric light.

Designed for the Elite and Define series TivoTape™, each of the new Urban Series Extrusions units are available in color temperatures ranging from 2200K, 2400K, 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, 4000K to 5000K for excellent visual acuity, as well as in three tunable white (2200K-3000K, 2700K-4000K, and 2200K-6500K), RGB and RGBW units. The Urban Series Extrusions are offered in standard brightness, high output, and very high output with either a clear, diffuser or opal lens.

With Elite and Define TivoTape, the new Urban Series Extrusions additions offer multiple lumen outputs of 80+ and 90+ CRI in static and tunable colors in a wide array of wattage options.  Elite and Define TivoTape feature tight LED spacing to produce zero scalloping with a binning tolerance of 1.5 MacAdam Ellipse to preserve color consistency. The light tape enables the new Urban Series Extrusion additions to maintain 70 percent of their lumens at 60,000 hours and comes with a limited five-year warranty.

With its new additions, Tivoli Lighting now offers 15 units in its Urban Series Extrusions. For more information about Urban Series Extrusions, visit: http://www.tivolilighting.com/extrusions-urban-series.html

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