Topaz Continues to Expand LED Offerings

Topaz Continues to Expand LED Offerings

Advanced LED Alternatives to Traditional Low Bay and High Bay Lamps

Topaz Lighting has introduced their next generation of LED High Bay Lamps while expanding the line to include Low Bay options. An exceptional alternative to traditional lighting, low bay lamps are available in 65W and 80W and the high bay model is a bright 130W.

Topaz’s LED Low Bay and High Bay Lamps are built with a unique vortex design which aids in air flow and heat management. These lamps offer maximum efficacy for indoor open or enclosed fixtures, making them perfect for industrial and warehouse applications. Both low bay and high bay models greatly reduce the cost of ownership through minimal maintenance, disposal issues, and lower utility costs.

Additional features include Ballast Bypass operation, base-up orientation, and glare free illumination. The power supply is fully potted, reducing heat and increasing reliability, even in locations with elevated ambient temperatures. Topaz Low Bay and High Bay Lamps are DLC® listed.

Michael Neary, Topaz Senior Lighting Product Manager said, These Low Bay and High Bay Lamps are intended as replacement for 175W, 250W and 400W HID lamps, to provide an average of 50,000 maintenance-free hours of operation. The airflow and heat management features along with the 6kV surge protection, were all engineered to ensure that these lamps have a long life span in locations that can be difficult to access.”

As an added incentive, Topaz’s LED Low Bay and High Bay Lamps are rebate-eligible in major markets across the country including: New York City, Phoenix, Dallas, Los Angeles, San Antonio, Chicago, and Las Vegas. All rebates must be verified by the local utility provider. Please visit to see if rebates are available in your market.

For more information on Topaz’s complete line of products for commercial and residential use, visit:

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