Visit Bridgeport’s Modernized Website

Visit Bridgeport’s Modernized Website 

Project Submittal Tool, Product Cross Reference Tool, and Resource Center have been updated with the customer in mind


Bridgeport Fittings’ new website makes it far easier for contractors to search for, locate and order the right product solutions for their individual projects. Among the new website changes where customers will see a big difference are Bridgeport’s updated Project Submittal Tool, Product Cross Reference Tool, and Resource Center:

A more visible Project Submittal Tool makes it far easier for contractors to put together a complete submittal package of various product selections, either individual products or a whole family of products, depending on the contractor’s particular project needs. The updated tool provides more variability of choice, making the tool as user-friendly as possible.

Bridgeport has also significantly improved its Product Cross Reference Tool by adding a “live search” capability to this function. This new industry-leading, widest-ranging feature will pull up product information not only on Bridgeport solutions but will automatically cross reference information on at least 20 different competitors – all by entering even a partial catalog number in the search.

The new website’s searchable Resource Center now allows customers easier access to all of Bridgeport’s product literature, as well as complete integration of Bridgeport’s YouTube videos and technical documents – all assembled in one searchable location where visitors can find information by type or topic, or by initiating searches for specific information.

Besides its updated online presence, Bridgeport’s full range of electrical solutions can be found in the “Wall of Orange™” – a completely stocked selection of quality electrical fittings and innovative product solutions available from major electrical distributorships across the U.S. and Canada.

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