WAC Landscape Lighting Upgrades Hardscape LED Luminaires

WAC Landscape Lighting Upgrades Hardscape LED Luminaires

WAC Landscape Lighting has upgraded its customizable Hardscape Series of LED Luminaires, a rock solid solution with Dual CCT and Integral Brightness Control for numerous permanent installations.

Lumen adjustment control allows you to adjust brightness in the field and easily switch color temperatures from warm for lighting granite to pure white for lighting bluestone. The WAC LED Hardscape series allows the end-user or contractor to illuminate hardscapes of various materials and designs, to suit the customers’ needs and applications.

Selectable Dual CCT allows easy switching of color temperatures from a warm 2700K for lighting granite to a pure white 3000K for illuminating bluestone. LED Hardscape allows the end-user or contractor to illuminate various hard surfaces including retaining walls, outdoor kitchens and barbecues. The luminaire features tightly spaced and diffused LEDs which stem from standard frosted lens for even illumination.

The Updated Hardscape Fixture includes a Removable Quick Release Feature that allows for the fixture body to be easily detached from the stainless steel bracket if field service is needed for ease of cleaning or replacement.

IP66 rated and UL 1838 listed, these luminaires are factory sealed and watertight for exterior settings and conveniently adapt into new or existing 12V Systems. The Hardscape fixtures are constructed of corrosion resistant brass and available in bronze, graphite and sand finishes in corrosion resistant aluminum, to complement a wide variety of stonework, concrete and wood surfaces. The six-inch and 12-inch models are available in brass.

Powered from .5 Watts to 4.5 Watts in our popular six-inch fixture, continuous adjustment brightness control allows you to adjust the light output in the field from 15 to 110 lumens, just by turning the dial. A stainless steel masonry bracket and rotatable mounting bracket help you get the perfect angle and eliminate glare.

Sizes range from three to 18 inches in length, with the controllability features available on the 6-inch, 12-inch and 18-inch models. The Hardscape luminaires mount on walls in all orientations for numerous applications. An extensive 10-year warranty is offered.

Visit the brand’s website at WACLandscapeLighting.com.

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