Weather-proof Step Lights from Amerlux Hit Market

 Weather-proof Step Lights from Amerlux Hit Market


Amerlux announced it has launched a step light with game-changing innovation that prevents water seepage, which is the No. 1 cause of light failure.

Weather-proof Passo step lights boast an independently sealed LED Optical Chamber that eliminates water infiltration, which cause headaches for lighting designers, landscape architects and energy service companies who recommend step lights and end users, such as facility managers and city managers who are responsible for addressing the on-going, maintenance issues and safety problems associated with subpar fixtures. The luminaire is typically used for steps, staircases and in walls to light walkways and add aesthetics to building facades.

“When the rain comes down, Passo stays on,” said Amerlux CEO and President Chuck Campagna. “Our advanced-engineered product, which features top-shelf aesthetics, adds warmth and brilliance to any project. Amerlux continues to solve problems in the marketplace by delivering value and reliable performance.”

Passo’s advanced engineering increases its return on investment in two ways.  First, its advanced LED core uses significantly less energy than traditional fluorescent lamps.  Secondly, its sealed optical chamber eliminates the high cost of labor associated with burnt-out, water-infiltrated light sources common to even the priciest competitors.

Passo offers a wide selection of sizes, faceplates, color temperature and light output to meet the specifications of many projects. A choice of solid color composite, brushed stainless steel or painted cast aluminum faceplates provide many options. The Passo step lights include louver, stainless steel louver, tempered soft glow lens offered in round, square and rectangular shapes for new construction projects, as well as 8-inch and 12-inch rectangular shapes for retrofits.

Each luminaire is available in a choice of two output levels to tailor the desired illuminance for the project.

A standard 0-10v dimmable drive provides more integration options with controls, which can dramatically magnify an LED lamp’s energy reduction and savings by 10-fold, according to the U.S. Department of Energy.

Passo’s retrofit models are specifically designed to easily replace the costly, high-maintenance step lights that have already been installed. Passo models made for new construction projects feature an injection molded PVC housing with integral machined brass anchor blocks that complement the sealed properties of the LED module and driver, ensuring protection against corrosive environments.

Most Passo step lights can ship in 10 days or less from the time they are ordered to quickly advance any new construction or retrofit project.

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