WECA Addresses Skilled Labor Shortage by Joining Go Build Rallying Cry

WECA Addresses Skilled Labor Shortage by Joining Go Build Rallying Cry 


RANCHO CORDOVA, CA – Western Electrical Contractors Association, Inc. (WECA) – a California-based trade association supporting the electrical and low voltage industries – is pleased to announce its partnership with Go Build California in its mission to address the dire situation that is the skilled labor shortage. WECA offers federal and state-approved Commercial, Residential, and Low Voltage (Voice Data Video and Fire Life Safety) Electrical Apprenticeship programs, in addition to an Electrician Trainee program, and has long been committed to developing a skilled workforce for the electrical and low voltage trades. Go Build California is a comprehensive, labor-neutral workforce development initiative seeking to enhance the image of the construction industry, and inform young people, parents, and educators about the opportunities in the skilled trades.

Go Build California—a multi-year, statewide, skilled trade education and recruitment initiative—possesses two central themes: Address misperceptions about the industry by highlighting the long-term career opportunities in the construction craft trades, and work proactively in recruiting the next generation of skilled workers.

WECA is actively supporting the Go Build California workforce initiative alongside industry partners such as the AGC Construction Education Foundation (AGC CEF), Associated Builders & Contractors (ABC), California Homebuilding Foundation (CHF), and Sacramento Regional Builders Exchange (SRBX) Education Foundation. The group is supported by additional program sponsors, including Royal Electric.

WECA and its Go Build partners will be working closely with employers, associations, contractors, training providers, apprenticeship programs, and workforce development organizations across the state.

“Go Build California will do more than just publicize the problem – it’s a collaborative approach to actively closing the skills gap by providing critical recruitment resources,” said Go Build Executive Director Ryan Dwyer. “To change hearts and minds – and ultimately dispel misperceptions about the industry – we must effectively engage, inform and inspire the next generation.”

For more information on Go Build California, WECA, and how you can join in supporting this crucial workforce initiative, please go to: https://www.goweca.com, http://gobuildcalifornia.com/.


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