Werner Introduces New Selling Platform to Improve Digital and Point-of-Purchase Decision Making

Werner Introduces New Selling Platform to Improve Digital and Point-of-Purchase Decision Making

New Rating System Launches Alongside Enhanced Digital Infrastructure and Packaging

Werner introduces a new shopping experience designed to help professionals easily find the equipment they need for their projects and jobs. Beginning in November, a performance-based rating system, alongside a newly designed website and enhanced packaging will be launched online and in stores at national retailers and distributors.

“Based upon user insights, we reengineered the point-of-purchase content to help shoppers quickly understand whether an existing or a new product style will meet their specific needs,” said Chris Filardi, Vice President of Marketing for WernerCo. “In addition, the new performance system, introduced after extensive qualitative and quantitative testing, demonstrates Werner’s commitment to providing users with enriched content that will help them make the most informed decisions, whether they shop online or in stores.”

Beginning in November, all Werner Ladder product packaging will display the new performance system at local distributors. Each product includes a performance rating, which indicates a combination of load capacity and the product features. Together, the system provides users an easy way to rank performance based on their needs. There are four tiers of performance strength: Standard (200 – 225 lbs.), Advanced (250 lbs.), Professional (300 lbs.) and Industrial (375 lbs.).

This strategic shift is based on customers’ evolving buying habits, particularly the millennial shopper. Shopper product considerations and specific skill levels are factored into the development of the new performance system.

Like the product rating system, the new packaging features a modern design with streamlined messaging. The enhanced design allows users to find the information they need more quickly, improving point-of-purchase decision making among general consumers, DIY enthusiasts and professional contractors alike.

Werner’s new digital infrastructure includes a more efficient and user-driven website, providing an improved shopping experience whether on a desktop computer, tablet or mobile device.

One of the most significant changes in the development, navigation and design of the new website is the ability to compare products side-by-side, regardless of product category. For example, a user can now compare features between an extension, step or multi-position ladder, and against additional categories, including rolling scaffolds, work platforms and step stools.  “Over the last several years there are a variety of new ladder styles available to the average user,” said Filardi.  “Our new strategy highlights this growth and provides users with an easy way to filter and compare these new and exciting styles to help complete their projects safely.”

Every ladder on the website will display the same performance rating system, creating consistency across both in-store and online shopping. Users can easily understand the benefits of a product through simplified messaging, in-application photography and direct video links. Updates also include the addition of searchable terms and product-filtering enhancements, so that items can be identified based on the user’s specific requirements. The website infrastructure includes fully integrated CMS, PIM, DAM, ERP and CRM systems to better serve customer and business needs.

The US website is the first to launch for the brand and will be followed by a new website to support the growing Werner European business. The new Werner US site is available here: https://us.wernerco.com.




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