Western Lighting Now Representing Gauzy in Southern California

Western Lighting Now Representing Gauzy in Southern California

 Western Lighting and Energy Controls (WLEC) is proud to add Gauzy as its newest manufacturer line representation in Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, and Imperial Counties. Gauzy controls light by combining embedded material science with transparent raw materials. The result? An ever-so-sleek and modern LCG® (Light Control Glass).

With just one touch, your glass can change from transparent to varying degrees of opaque in less than a second. LCG® can be applied anywhere to provide light, energy, and solar/temperature control without compromising space. Ride comfortably in automotive spaces with on demand shade control. Add video projections to storefronts for interactive marketing campaigns without worrying about image distortion or discoloration from other light sources. You can even display information based on location and time (ie. train arrival announcements).

Jimm Reifsnyder, Western Lighting and Energy Controls company Principal, says, “We are so excited to partner with Gauzy. The premium technology makes it easy to transform any application, and the projection feature provides endless possibilities for our customers.”

Gauzy’s LCG® nanotechnology is especially valued in today’s COVID-19 environment. On demand privacy has never been easier or less bulky. Optimize office spaces by using less cubicles and more glass partitions. In healthcare facilities, traditional fabric partitions are especially susceptible to collecting pathogens and transmitting bacteria. With Gauzy, healthcare providers can create partitions that are easily disinfected and remove recurring costs.

Matt Sedlock, Western Lighting and Energy Controls company Principal, echoes Reifsnyder’s sentiment, “Keeping our spaces clean and safe can be difficult during this time, but Gauzy gives our customers a simpler, aesthetically-pleasing solution. We couldn’t be prouder to offer their smart glass technology in our line card.”

Visit: www.westernecs.com.

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