Westgate Mfg Employees Celebrate Thanksgiving by Giving Back to the Community

Since its inspection, Westgate Mfg has held an annual Thanksgiving event, with every employee present for a family-style meal, followed by a few minutes of speech from the team members. At the end of the event, Westgate takes a group picture and uses it in greeting videos for the Holiday season. So how did the Westgate team celebrate thanksgiving this year?

During the pandemic, Westgate Mfg moved some of its departments to another building in the City of Vernon. The 50,000 Sq Ft building, which also serves as backup inventory storage, was remodeled in short few weeks to accommodate about 20 employees, reducing traffic in Westgate main headquarters and allowing every employee to sit in cubicles or enclosed desk areas. The second headquarters also hosts the Westgate regional sales team and displays incoming new products installed by the sales team on its walls and ceilings.

After a survey of the team members, the Westgate team voted to distribute individually frozen turkeys, vegan options, and pies while making cash donations to local food banks. Co-CEO Isaac Hadjyan added, “Holidays remind us about the important things in life. Turkeys and traditions help us preserve and carry these cultures for future generations, so I am delighted with the team’s decision to skip our annual event this year.”

And instead of a group speech, Isaac shared a video internally thanking employees for their courage, resilience, and innovative thinking to keep our business on its steady growth path.

“What happened at Westgate in 2020 is a success story. When we faced fear and uncertainty, we committed to keeping Westgate thriving; we adapted and changed to deliver the best solutions and results to our customers to help their businesses during the pandemic. That is why today, Westgate is more vital to the market than any of our 13 years in business.” He went on to add the importance and role small business plays in communities and cities, and added, “We are the lifeblood of our communities, we have a duty to keep the wheels of commerce turning, and together we help thousands of other business make greater earnings compared to the traditional lighting brands return on investment. Together we help thousands of homeowners and businesses get reliable lighting to save a considerable amount on their monthly electricity bills.”

Westgate Mfg is a manufacturer of LED Lighting products. Visit them at: www.westgatemfg.com.

Westgate Mfg Employees Celebrate Thanksgiving by Giving Back to the Community

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