Westinghouse Partners with Dominion Energy to Modernize East Coast Power Station

Specialized program will extend the delivery of carbon-free electricity in the region

CRANBERRY TOWNSHIP, PA – /PRNewswire/ — Westinghouse Electric Company has signed an instrumentation and control (I&C) contract with Dominion Energy for the implementation of a Digital Modernization Program at the Surry Power Station. Combined, Dominion’s Surry and North Anna plants produce almost one third of the electricity for the company’s approximately 2.7 million customers in Virginia and North Carolina. The new contract will support Dominion’s Subsequent License Renewal program for Surry Units 1 and 2, ensuring the continued delivery of carbon-free energy for 419,000 homes.

During the execution of the program, which is subject to regulatory approval, Westinghouse and Dominion will upgrade 23 safety and non-safety systems over a nine-year period. The comprehensive program will include digital I&C hardware, software, design, engineering, manufacture, delivery and engineering support.

“Westinghouse and Dominion share a passion for innovation and digitalization, which has led to this significant alliance,” said David Howell, Westinghouse president of Americas Operating Plant Services. “Our I&C technology will not only holistically support the long-term operations of the Surry Station, but the completion of this modernization program will create a roadmap for future digital system upgrades in North America – improving the performance of the fleet.”

Each unit will be outfitted with Westinghouse’s proven Common-Q™ safety-grade platform, as well as the industry-leading Ovation™ I&C platform. These technologies reduce or eliminate the need for surveillances, allowing Dominion high availability and significant operations and maintenance savings.

“Extending Surry’s operations is critical to meeting the Virginia Clean Economy Act’s requirements for zero-carbon electricity by 2045.” said Dan Stoddard, Senior Vice President and Chief Nuclear Officer at Dominion Energy. “Partnering with Westinghouse will enable us to continue to provide reliable, affordable, and carbon-free energy to the community for years to come.”

Westinghouse provides its customers support through the lifecycle of the control and safety systems of their plants. Balancing analog system maintenance and enhancements with phased digital system upgrades, its world-class I&C solutions minimize total plant life-cycle costs and disruptions through strategies specific to each plant’s long-term needs. Advanced technology supported with professional after-market services provides utilities with a comprehensive approach to reliable operations. For additional information about Westinghouse’s I&C solutions, visit https://www.westinghousenuclear.com/operating-plants/automation.

Westinghouse Electric Company is the world’s pioneering nuclear energy company and is a leading supplier of nuclear plant products and technologies to utilities throughout the world. Westinghouse supplied the world’s first commercial pressurized water reactor in 1957 in Shippingport, Pa., U.S. Today, Westinghouse technology is the basis for approximately one-half of the world’s operating nuclear plants. For more information, please visit www.westinghousenuclear.com.

Westinghouse Partners with Dominion Energy to Modernize East Coast Power Station

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