Wiegmann Introduces Rain Hoods     

Wiegmann Introduces Rain Hoods     


Wiegmann introduces their new Rain Hood line. These products protect thermal accessories for electrical enclosures. Wiegmann, part of Hubbell Commercial Construction, provides innovative electrical products to OEM, industrial and commercial markets.

Wiegmann’s new rain hoods prevent rain, snow or sleet from reaching thermal accessories installed on the outside of an electrical enclosure. This protects electronics and electrical equipment in industrial or commercial settings, especially in corrosive environments.

A filter fan and exhaust grill mounted outside the enclosure costs much less than an internal air conditioning unit. Importantly, the design of these new rain hoods maintains a NEMA 4/4X rating for an enclosure. Without it, an outside-mounted filter fan would compromise the rating.

The rain hoods are available in five sizes and fabricated of 304 stainless steel. They are constructed with continuous seam welding. New Wiegmann rain hoods are removable for filter fan maintenance. Replaceable silicone gaskets and all mounting hardware are included.

Availability of Wiegmann rain hoods begins 2Q2019. Find more information at: www.hubbell.com

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