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Electrical News provides the electrical building contractor and plant/maintenance engineer with pertinent information needed to maintain and grow their business. Electrical News has been publishing industry news for 30 years.  We cover news about the electrical industry regionally, nationally, and globally on the web and in print.

Electrical News publishes press releases about companies, products, people, industry gatherings, and calendar events along with additions, moves, and changes that affect the electrical industry.  Electrical News has an avid readership among contractors, lighting specifiers, manufacturers, representatives, distributors and connected services that make up the electrical industry at large.

Please feel free to call:  800-782-5493, email: sales@electricalnews.com or download our Media Kit which includes the Editorial Calendar.

Electrical News has a monthly circulation of 90,000+ and reaches the target markets of the electrical building contractor, plant maintenance engineer, electrical engineers, utilities, designers, distributors, agents and manufacturers.
Each edition is a tabloid-sized newspaper published on newsprint.

Keep the electrical industry informed about your company.

All it takes is a photo, and answering the who, what, when, where, why, and how of the story. Include quotes from employees, customers, management, owners or anyone else pertinent to the story.
Submit press release copy electronically as a text file and photos as good quality TIFF’s or JPG’s as a separately attached file to: editor@electricalnews.com.

Advertising & Press Release deadline:
By the 10th of the preceding month


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