A-Light Wings

A-Light Introduces Wings Sustainable Luminaire

Paper-inspired Wings pendant uses proprietary sustainable materials to deliver even illumination

A-Light introduces its Wings pendant, a unique airy fabric delivers soft direct and
indirect illumination for a more comfortable and collaborative environment.
Wings is a four-foot pendant with a virtually weightless appearance. Its proprietary
lightweight base material, new to architectural lighting, reduces glare and creates a more
comfortable environment. It was designed for office spaces that encourage human collaboration
and teamwork.

Wings offers efficient ambient direct illumination. Light is softly transmitted through
Wings’ fabric, resulting in reduced shadows in a space for even illumination. And a top reflector
with engineered perforations delivers an indirect batwing distribution for exceptional ceiling

Sustainability is at the forefront of Wings’ design. All unnecessary components have been
stripped away, and recyclable materials were utilized wherever possible. With a focus on a more
circular economy and end-of-life waste management, all of Wings’ materials are 100%

Wings is Declare label listed, which enhances transparency and simplifies material
tracking. The Declare label identifies Wings’ components, including red list-free, non-harmful
chemicals such as the electrical wiring.

Shipping with only a few components and collapsible features, Wings is 60% lighter than
a typical 4-foot linear fixture. The overall shipping impact is estimated to be reduced by as much
as 66%.

The luminaires may be fully integrated with an nLight® Wired network control system.
Spaces can be controlled seamlessly while reducing energy costs, aiding building code
compliance, and improving occupant comfort.

Wings luminaires are assembled in America and comply with the Buy America(n) Act
(BAA) government procurement requirements under FAR, DFARS, and DOT.
More information about A-Light is available at: www.alights.com.

A-Light Wings

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