Acme Electric Introduces New Industrial Control Transformers

Acme Electric Introduces New Industrial Control Transformers


Acme Electric has introduced a new line of industrial control transformers. The new products offer more benefits than the line of transformers that they replace. Acme Electric, part of Hubbell Commercial Construction, provides innovative electrical products to OEM, industrial and commercial markets.

Acme’s new ICT Series transformers provide a high degree of voltage regulation during inrush, the brief overload period when a circuit becomes energized. Single phase models range from 50VA to 5000VA.

The ICT Series offers two types of construction, encapsulated or fully enclosed for harsh environment use. Molded terminations provide improved stability and conductivity. Integral terminals offer robust support and flexibility. An accessory mounting plate is available on the top of some models. Pre-installed fuse blocks are also available.

The ICT line is ideal for applications involving motor starters, control panels and robotics. The design is RoHS compliant. The UL/CSA Listed products are now backed by the company’s 20 year limited warranty. Some models include CE certification. Encapsulated models are assembled in USA of imported and domestic components.

The new Acme Electric ICT series industrial control transformers will begin rolling out during 2Q2018. Current models are still available and will continue until inventory is depleted, being replaced on a model-by-model basis. Contact the company for detailed availability. Find more information at:

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