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ADURA LED Solutions is changing the way in LED Lighting market.  As a leading manufacturer of high quality LED lighting modules and other electronics, ADURA’s patented Printed Circuit Boards technology (SinkPADTM), industry’s highest thermally conductive PCB, solves many challenges with high power LED heat dissipation.

Located in Corona California, ADURA empowers its customers and business partners to become more successful by making their lighting Fixture product highly efficient, running cooler (SinkPADTM PCB Technology) and offering longer product life, superior quality, highest reliability, and impressive energy savings to provide our customers with a strong competitive edge.

“At ADURA, we design LED Lighting Modules that are high performance, running Cool, energy efficient, cost effective and easy to use and integrate into any type of LED Lighting Fixtures. The company continuously brings new innovations and state-of-the art COOL lighting module solutions to the market by using our patented SinkPADTM PCB Technology,” said Abdul Aslami, Sales Director at ADURA.

SinkPADTM PCB Technology is a metal core-based PCB technology which provides “Direct Thermal Path” from LED’s thermal pad to the PCB’s base metal.  SinkPADTM PCB Technology offers the highest thermal conductivity in the industry; in excess of 200-385 W/m.K. As a result, the LEDs run substantially cooler when compared to a conventional Metal Core PCB.  In addition, there are no design changes required. Reduce heat…Increase LED life…Increase product reliability.

ADURA Capabilities and Services include: Design & Manufacture Custom and Standard LED Modules; Manufacture Printed Circuit Board (PCBs); Patented SinkPAD™ MCPCB (Aluminum & Copper base); Conventional MCPCB (Aluminum & Copper base); UL Approved PCBs & LED Modules.

Best in Class, Highest thermal management solutions provider in LED industry; X-Ray testing; Light quality testing using an Integrated SPHERE (Lumens, CCT, CRI…); Infrared (IR) Thermal testing; UL Certified (Code Z289) manufacturing facility in Corona, California.

High-quality LED modules are made in Corona, California. For more information, visit:


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