Specifically Designed for Parks and Recreation Applications

The AEON PNR Series is Designed Specifically for Municipal, High School, Collegiate, Recreational Indoor and Outdoor Applications. The AEON PNR Series has 2 Popular Lumen Packages to suit a variety of Indoor and Outdoor Applications: 500W with 69,200 Delivered Lumens and 750W with 97,000 Delivered Lumens.

The AEON PNR Series Provides Crisp Illumination, avoiding any Visual Discomfort. AEON’s Proprietary Optics produce the Ideal Light Distribution and Beam Angles for a variety of applications while saving you in energy costs use compared to traditional HID Lighting. With the PNR Series, you will enjoy a drastic reduction in your monthly utility bill and eliminate costly maintenance expenses and have a favorable impact on your bottom line. The PNR Series has an Incredibly Long-Life Span of over 100,000 hours.

Engineered with State-of-the-Art technology for Efficiency, Glare Control, and Uniformity, the AEON features instant On/Off, Dimming, Full Controllability, High Energy Efficiency, Flicker-Free Lighting, and Complete Flexibility. The PNR Series has a high Color Rendition Index showing True Colors: CRI >85 that is ideal for Broadcasting. Having UGR <19, our Proprietary Glare-Free Illumination creates No Uncomfortable Sensation or Visual Discomfort for the players or spectators. That makes the AEON PNR Series neighborhood friendly with No Spillage or Skyglow.

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