Aleddra’s Air-sanitizing Desktop Lamp is the Best Protection for Your Personal Workspace

Aleddra recently introduced the Air-sanitizing Desktop Lamp and it could not have come into the market at a better time. This lamp effectively sanitizes the nearby air against many airborne pathogens.  This product is IES-recognized because of its air-permeable lampshade acting as a filter and is coated with a high-density photocatalyst material called ViraPure® which is activatable by visible light. When the airborne pathogens are trapped on the lampshade, the activated ViraPure kills the trapped pathogens. This process is known as Photoelectrochemical Oxidation (PECO).

Most of the traditional germicidal lighting products found in the market today rely on a UVC light source to kill bacteria and viruses. The problem with a UVC light source is that cannot be used when there are occupants in the room. Why? Because UVC can and will cause skin and eye damage if the occupant(s) are over exposed. Recently, several serious UVC accidents have been reported. Aleddra’s Air-sanitizing Desktop Lamp uses only 2700K and 5000K LED(s) which provide adequate white light to activate the ViraPure coated lampshade. Since this lamp does not use any UVC light sources, it can operate when occupants are in the room without any health concerns. The internal fan increases the air flow thru the lampshade, resulting in a more effective method of sanitizing of the nearby air.

An independent third-party microbiology laboratory tested the Aleddra Desktop Lamp against the H1N1 influenza A virus. The aerosol test was conducted in a 1000 cubic feet space. The RESULTS show a remarkable 99.5% deactivation rate of the H1N1 influenza A virus in the test chamber after 60 minutes. The US-based MICROBAC Lab conducted a surface test of the ViraPure material and found that after only 20 minutes the ViraPure material had an effective kill rate of the SARS-CoV coronavirus at 99.95%.

Along with the features and benefits mentioned above the Air-sanitizing Desktop Lamp has bi-level dimming, a two-speed fan, color tuning (2700K, 3900K, and 5000K), and two USB ports for charging portable electronic devices. Plus it is affordable.

For everyone who has returned to their workspaces or will return sometime in the future the Aleddra Air-sanitizing Desktop Lamp provides you the most cost-effective and safest way to effectively sanitize the air against many airborne pathogens in the working environment today. Its 1000 cubic feet coverage offers a perfect protection for your personal workspace. The Air-sanitizing Desktop Lamp has a home in schools, churches, nursing Homes, medical/dental offices, retail spaces, and other locations where the public will be entering.

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Aleddra’s Air-sanitizing Desktop Lamp is the Best Protection for Your Personal Workspace

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