ATG LED Lighting Makes Major Addition to Outdoor Lineup

ATG LED Lighting Makes Major Addition to Outdoor Lineup

ATG LED Lighting, the Commercial/Industrial lighting division of ATG Electronics announced a significant addition to their outdoor product line. The Company‘s latest outdoor area luminaire is branded the Archer because it hits all the targets required by discriminating buyers. 

With a sleek new look and low EPA, the ARCHER is available in seven different wattages ranging from 60W to 300W, making the product perfect for many applications including pedestrian scale lighting all the way to car dealerships. The product comes in various color temperatures (as warm as 3500K) with a variety of optics ranging from a Type II to Type V. 

The Archer also comes with six different mounting methods so it can be used as an area light or floodlight. “Controls ready” is a must so a dimming driver is standard with a variety of controls available ranging from bilevel sensors to photocells.  

The product is all also offered with a variety of visors so that glare control is further improved. The Archer also carries ATG‘s 10-year warranty. Please check out the new Archer luminaire at: www.atgledlighting

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