Atkore International’s ACS/Uni-Fab Offers Prefabricated Wiring Systems


Atkore International’s ACS/Uni-Fab Offers Prefabricated Wiring Systems
Save up to 30 percent on installation costs compared to conventional wiring methods

New Bedford, MA – ACS/Uni-Fab, part of the leading manufacturer of electrical products Atkore International, highlights their prefabricated wiring solutions for residential, commercial, and industrial lighting and power applications. Wiring components and devices are assembled to exacting standards in a controlled environment and delivered ready to install, significantly reducing the amount of labor required for installation. By making many of the electrical connections in the factory, the prefabricated products save up to 30 percent on installation costs compared to conventional wiring methods.

The prefabricated solutions are available for standard device assemblies for a variety of configurations and styles; and typical units, built to specification on a made-to-order basis. All prefabricated products are assembled and tested by IBEW personnel, taking advantage of a factory labor force and controlled environment. The products are UL Listed and intended for installation in accordance with the National Electrical Code (NEC).

After determining exactly what components are necessary in each room, the ACS/Uni-Fab products are gathered, cut and pre-assembled, and labeled. The room is wired before the contractor gets to the site – contractors simply go to the specific location and screw in all required wiring assemblies and devices ACS/Uni-Fab offers contractors excellent materials management and just-in-time shipping, which eliminates the need for sourcing, staging, and assembly.

The prefabricated MTB option provides greater cable management by running multiple hotel, motel, or dormitory rooms back to the panel. The MTB is used to distribute 20 to 50 AMP branch circuits from the panel to remote locations using a multi-circuit neutral per phase or super neutral Home Run cable. The MTB provides detailed panel and circuit information, as well as terminal-strip termination for up to 20 current-carrying conductors (15 phase and 5 neutral), greatly reducing congestion in the electric closet. MTBs can be factory assembled with the Home Run cable or shipped separately.

Standard device assemblies are available in a variety of configurations and styles to meet project requirements. Fast and convenient, standard device assemblies are ideal for tenant spaces, non-typical spaces, or when project scope or time allowed does not permit typical units.

Also available are typical units, built to project specifications. Quoted price is based on room counts, device counts, and estimated labor. Included are detailed shop drawings, a complete job schedule, and shipping of materials packaged by room number, area and section.

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