AttaBox Enclosure Protects CanMeter Submetering Systems

AttaBox® Enclosures announces the release of a new case study featuring solutions to meet the challenges of protecting submetering systems, available for download at no obligation by visiting:

This case study highlights CanMeter, the largest supplier of electricity submetering systems across Canada with a specialty in campground applications. Housed in custom designed enclosures these meters mount at breakers or distribution points, are customized per each application, and can easily be installed by a local electrician.

CanMeter requires NEMA rated IP68 enclosures for housing and for reliably protecting its submetering systems. The company was having difficulties, however, finding a supplier for enclosures that functioned as required. Specifically: they were challenged by ongoing issues of smooth enclosure substrates being ruined by degradation arising from the drilling of conduit holes. The surface would delaminate and chip when the hole-saw broke through the surface. Also: door flanges were prone to breaking. That created an unacceptable functional and aesthetic problem.

CanMeter discovered the Heartland® Series of polycarbonate enclosures from AttaBox® Enclosures. Heartland® are high performance enclosures applicable for demanding electrical and industrial conditions, but with a refined style suitable for commercial, industrial and OEM design applications.

CanMeter has now been using Heartland® enclosures for more than ten years with absolute success including maximum-protection, ease of modification, and molded-in mounting bosses that allow them to install DIN rails directly to Heartland® enclosures without the need of a back panel.

Heartland® enclosures –- NEMA rated 1, 3R, 4, 4X, 12 –- are available in sizes ranging from 6 x 6 x 4 to 24 x 24 x10. The polycarbonate resin in the Heartland® series has attained the best available “F1” rating, having passed critical tests for UV exposure and water immersion. Heartland® enclosures are rain-tight and watertight rated for use in both interior and exterior applications. Material ratings, as well as product ratings, assure the user that polycarbonate is designed to perform, without adverse affects in cold weather applications. Of significant protective value: corrosion-resistant polycarbonate can be effectively used across a wide range of aggressive environments.

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AttaBox Enclosure Protects CanMeter Submetering Systems

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