Barron Lighting Group’s Founder, Lou Goldman, Announces Retirement

GLENDALE, AZ – Barron Lighting was founded in 1973 with Lou’s forward-thinking approach to streamlining manufacturing processes in a cost-saving and dependable way. This innovative thought process led to the creation of the first LED exit sign, a staple in exit and emergency lighting. Over the past 48 years, Barron has gone through many changes including a move from Illinois to Arizona as well as an expanded family of products including Exitronix emergency lighting, Trace- Lite commercial and industrial lighting, specialtyLED commercial and decorative lighting, and Growlite indoor and greenhouse horticultural lighting.

As an industry leader, Lou focused on the creation of a lucrative and thriving business by being reliable and responsive to the customers’ needs throughout the complete customer journey — providing top- notch lighting solutions coupled with best-in-class customer service. This approach and mindset have been the cornerstone of Barron to this day.

Over the years, Lou’s business philosophy has been to develop talented individuals to leverage opportunities that keep the organization and business growing. With over 55 years of sales and management experience, more often than not, Lou’s days have been spent coaching and mentoring the employees of Barron while continuing to focus on the company’s strategic operational plans.

“I’ve been lucky to have known Lou most of my life. His kindness, mentorship and above all friendship, have meant the world to me and countless others at Barron. Lou’s advice, humor and daily presence at Barron will be missed, but the Barron family is so incredibly happy for Lou as he embarks on his new adventure,” said Alan Tracy, CEO, of Barron Lighting Group.

Alan has been with Barron for 34 years. Before being promoted to CEO, Alan was President of Barron for 14 years. Alan will continue to oversee all responsibilities for each of Barron’s four product divisions while managing a fully operational manufacturing facility, elevating a best-in-class customer journey as well as working environment for Barron employees.

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Barron Lighting Group’s Founder, Lou Goldman, Announces Retirement

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