Barron Lighting’s Enhanced Wide Body Veg LED Grow Light

Barron Lighting Group, the parent company to Growlite indoor and greenhouse horticultural lighting, announces the addition of the enhanced Wide Body Veg LED Grow Light.

“The Growlite by Barron Lighting Group family of products was designed with growers and all stages of plant growth in mind. Our Wide Body Veg grow light is the ideal solution for providing smooth, even light distribution for vegetating plants,” said Heather McCune, Vice President, Sales Operations of Barron Lighting Group.

The Wide Body Veg is a 320W LED fixture for the vegetative stage that is designed to replace a ten lamp T5HO or a 400W MH fixture on a one-for-one basis. The enhanced Wide Body Veg achieves increased performance by providing higher LPW output. The wide distribution, coverage and intensity make the fixture the logical choice for veg and mother rooms. Over 70% of lighting intensity is concentrated within the 120° degree beam angle, and the full spectrum white LEDs provide a perfect spectral performance for plants in the early stages of plant growth, leafy greens and mother plants. The Wide Body Veg’s isolated, vented driver compartment optimizes thermal dissipation and its premium build quality was designed to withstand rigorous environments.

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Barron Lighting’s Enhanced Wide Body Veg LED Grow Light

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