BURNDY Announces the Release of the WILEY Single-Hole Telecom WEEB Washer

BURNDY Announces the Release Release of the WILEY Single-Hole Telecom WEEB Washer

The WILEY Telecom WEEB® (Washer, Electrical Equipment Bond) Washer is a powder coat and paint penetrating contact enhancing washer used between connectors and equipment frames, cabinets and other painted metallic surfaces to be bonded.

The WEEB® Washer teeth eliminate the need to remove non-conductive coatings (e.g. paint and powder coat) when making a bonding connection. The WEEB® teeth pierce through most non-conductive coatings and embed into the underlying metal thus creating a bonding connection between the lug and the coated metal component that it is installed on (e.g. equipment racks, cabinets, enclosures, cable tray, etc.). WEEB® Washers help eliminate unwanted rotation of the lug keeping your connections secure and properly bonded.

Not having to remove non-conductive coatings will save on installation time, create a cleaner work environment, and most importantly, prevent improper coating removal techniques that can lead to poor connections.

For more information on other Wiley Products: http://www.we-llc.com

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