Calbrite Hygienic Liquid Tight Conduit and Fittings Rated to IP69 for Washdown Applications

Atkore has expanded its Calbrite flex offering to include stainless steel hygienic liquid tight conduit and fittings. Rated up to IP69, the hygienic liquid tight series prevents contamination from oils, dirt, dust, and liquid. The flexible conduit and fittings are ideally suited for applications with washdown requirement and wide temperature range demands.

The Hygienic Liquid Tight Metallic Conduit is made from polished stainless steel 316 helically wound flexible conduit. Providing rust-proof performance, the, hygienic liquid tight conduit features a smooth, oil resistant blue hygienic PVC coating. Offering a high compression strength up to 400 kg, tensile strength up to 130 kg and a wide temperature range of -20°C to 105°C, the flexible hygienic conduit serves standard and harsh environments. The Hygienic Liquid Tight conduit is ROHS and REACH compliant.

Designed for use with use with Hygienic Flex conduits, Calbrite’s Hygienic Flex fittings are made of Grade 316 stainless steel and feature a straight external thread. The corrosion and oil resistant hygienic flex fittings make the conduit system ideal for food safety applications. Suitable for knockouts or threaded entries, the stainless steel compression fitting is comprised of a nut, insert and nylon compression seal that provides high tensile strength. The insert is manufactured in machined nickel plated brass to facilitate easy assembly and re-use. The flex conduit meets EN1672-2 and EN ISO 14159 design requirements.

The hygienic liquid tight series of flexible conduit and fittings are commonly used in food & beverage, pharmaceutical and medical applications.

“Atkore is proud to provide one of the largest flex offerings in the industry. The Calbrite Hygienic Liquid Tight Series is part of our latest expansion to better service customers with washdown and high temperature requirements,” said Mike Lang, Sr. Product Manager Calbrite. “The Hygienic Liquid Tight Series combines heavy-duty construction with design flexibility to reduce total cost of ownership.”

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Calbrite Hygienic Liquid Tight Conduit and Fittings Rated to IP69 for Washdown Applications

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