Case Study: Legrand’s PlugTail Receptacle Presents Productivity-Enhancing Options

Case Study: Legrand's PlugTail Receptacle Presents Productivity-Enhancing Options
Because of its ingenious design, PlugTail installs 3x faster than a traditional receptacle and cuts down labor costs and installation time by 2/3.


THE CHALLENGE – Labor shortage hits Portland area.

For O’Neill Electric, finding enough laborers in the Portland, Oregon area for multiple projects had become difficult. A labor shortage had hit the region, causing a ripple effect of compressed schedules, overloaded workers and resource allocation challenges. The general contracting company was already up against tight deadlines with a growing business that was gaining more and more traction with every success, so the shortage was a real hurdle.

With a proven track record of over $37 million in general contracting work and over 75 successful projects, O’Neill Electric knew it was time to consider new avenues for increasing productivity on the job. “As labor availability decreased, our jobs didn’t. We needed to find a solution that would help us get through projects quickly with the same level of reliability and expertise as always,” said Ryan Keene, Project Manager.

It was important to O’Neill Electric that the solution was easy to implement, scalable to projects of all sizes and that the end product would be exceptional. “Our customers don’t need the hassle of calling us to come back and fix something. It’s also costly and tough on our schedules to do callbacks. Even if something makes us more productive on one end, if we can’t depend on it to perform in the long run it loses its benefit. But if you can show us something that knocks time and labor off from installation, plus it’s reliable and high-performing? I’m interested,” said Keene.

THE SOLUTION – O’Neill Electric explores productivity-enhancing options.

For one of O’Neill’s Portland-based multi-family jobs, the four- story apartment building called Lents Commons, Keene began to explore options that might help during the labor shortage. He researched several choices and discovered Pass & Seymour PlugTail Receptacles. Assured by the reputation of Legrand, he started to learn more about the benefits of this solution.

By using PlugTail, contractors can save time during the rough-in phase: Pre-stripped leads connect to the PlugTail connector, eliminating the need for pigtails. When it is time to finish wiring, the connector is pulled out of the box and snapped into the back of the PlugTail device. Then the device is installed in the box. This easy process makes it simple for workers of any skill level to complete, which is a perfect solution during a labor shortage.

There is no need for a wire caddy, stripping or taping. By reducing the overall installation time, jobs can get completed successfully even up against challenging schedules.

PlugTail is not only easier and faster to install, it is reliable, consistent and more manageable for future changes. With over 10 years of proven installs in commercial and industrial environments, contractors can be assured that they are getting a proven, reliable solution. PlugTail Receptacles are rugged and dependable, and because the installation is much simpler and more consistent, they are less likely to fall victim to any wiring mistakes. For buildings that might require future changes, it’s also easier to swap out an old receptacle for something new. Snapping them in and out is a breeze.

O’Neill Electric found that using PlugTail was a win-win. “What we found by using PlugTail was that we could address the labor shortage crisis head-on with an efficient, reliable product that benefited both our end customer and ourselves,” said Keene. “PlugTail was so quick and easy to install, even an apprentice could do it, which really took the pressure off of us to find labor during the shortage. Because of the speed, we were better able to meet deadlines and keep things moving, especially since we could depend on PlugTail to perform reliably once installed. It helps tremendously to keep those callbacks down.”

The receptacles were efficiently installed and are performing well in the 54-unit complex. O’Neill Electric received positive feedback from the client, and the team agreed that it was a huge success. In fact, O’Neill Electric found the experience so beneficial that they aim to use PlugTail again and again. “We find that this is a productivity solution that can really be scaled to many of our future projects and, because of the success on this particular job, we won’t hesitant to use it again.”



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