Celebrating the Retirement of SCI’s Founding Partner, Steve Leszuk

Celebrating the Retirement of SCI’s Founding Partner, Steve Leszuk
Scott Anderson, Principal; Steve Leszuk; and Tom Thomson, SCI President celebrate Steve Leszuk’s success.


IRVINE, CA – June 19, 2018 marked the official send-off for one of SCI’s commendable founders, Steve Leszuk. As many in the lighting and electrical industry know, Steve was more than a notable principal and salesman; he was truly a one-of-a-kind man. From his ability to remember the little details from one’s life, to his charismatic demeanor, it was near impossible not be drawn to Steve, which is what allowed him to be an incredible colleague, business partner, employer, and of course, asset to SCI for the last 26 years.

“It has been such a remarkable journey.  We congratulate Steve on all of his accomplishments and thank him for the 26 years of hard work and dedication as one of the founding partners of SCI.  Steve has nurtured the careers of so many people and in doing so, has earned their admiration and friendship,” noted Tom Thomson, President of SCI.

It can be uncommon these days to meet a leader of a company who possesses such a kind and caring conduct and is constantly willing to jump in and assist his employees, and perhaps even easing the tension with a hint of sarcasm.

“It is a rare and wonderful experience to have had the benefit of Steve’s wise guidance. For more than a quarter of a Century Steve has been there with selfless support for myself and so many others. The consummate gentlemen always. Well almost always. I considered Steve a mentor and a friend. Who truly deserves my gratitude. The best of wishes on your newest ventures,” expressed Rob Rubenstein, Lighting Controls Group Principal of SCI.

It’s fair to say that all SCI employees who had the pleasure of knowing Steve, would agree that they have at least one memorable story about him, or can note at least one trait of his that made a lasting impression. From personally cooking pancake breakfasts for the entire office on the occasional Friday morning, to making rounds through the building each day to personally greet every department, it was more than apparent that Steve genuinely cared about SCI’s employees.

“Truly one of the giants in our industry!  Steve leaves behind a thriving business that will always carry his impression.  Although he will be missed terribly, we all look forward to hearing about the success of his next adventure!  All the best to Steve!” mentioned Robin Medina, VP of Operations at SCI.

Not only did Steve leave a lasting impression on his employees and partners, he managed to carve out a life-long impact in the lives of all of the customers and manufacturing partners he met throughout the extent of his career.

“Steve Leszuk has been such an inspiration and leader to so many of us in this industry, it’s really hard to put into words.  His ability to connect with people from all walks of life has enabled him to be successful on the manufacturing side when he was with Halo Lighting, to creating a successful new business in SCI Lighting Solutions.  Steve has been a mentor and friend to me personally and I will never forget the many lessons he taught me,” stated Scott Anderson, Principal of SCI.

“Steve led SCI with great passion and integrity that has brought much success.  The countless sales men and women he has mentored will miss him but the legacy of his career will live on through them,” added Bruce Dalrymple, SCI principal.

While Steve has stepped into retirement, his lasting impressions, wisdom, and admirable traits have created memories that’ll be shared for years to come. Rather than cruising through the office on a busy Monday, you’ll see him cruising through town in his favorite car, or through the Long Beach canal on his new paddle board.  Though a bittersweet time for those in the lighting industry, everyone couldn’t be more excited for Steve and the new ventures he’s about to embark on.

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