City Electric Supply Store Teamed Up with Orlando Magic

City Electric Supply Store Teamed Up with Orlando Magic

Helps Give Back Thousands of Basketballs to School Children  

ORLANDO, FL – Each year, the Orlando Magic NBA team distributes basketballs to fans, but that wasn’t possible this year with the ongoing pandemic. Instead, the team decided to show their support to the Orange County Public Schools participating in the MAGIC Fit 4-Week Challenge, the NBA team’s fitness and nutrition program. City Electric Supply Orlando West was thrilled to help by delivering the basketballs in one of their box trucks. 

“We’re always looking for things to do to help,” said CES Sales Rep Bill Hunt. “We want to be a part of the community and get our name out there for people.”

The CES Orlando West branch was no stranger to the Orange County Public Schools as they’ve had a relationship with them since 2013. “I was so happy to do it,” said Martinez. “It was great to be a part of what Orlando Magic was doing, and even greater to help out our long-time customer.”

And Orlando Magic couldn’t be happier with the help they received from the local store. “Orlando Magic is thrilled to be able to donate 2,500 basketballs to assist students in the Orange County Public Schools,” said Shelly Wilkes, Orlando Magic Senior Vice President of Marketing and Social Responsibility. “It is through the help of organizations like City Electric Supply that we are able to make sure these basketballs get to the youth in the area to continue providing them with much-needed equipment for their P.E. classes during this unprecedented time.”

Though the CES branch was excited to participate, the number of basketballs that needed to be loaded and delivered in a box truck raised some questions. “When they said 2,500 basketballs would fit in a box truck, I tried to do the math in my head to figure out how that would work,” said Hunt.

Fortunately, it was a much simpler process than they had anticipated. “When we got there, all of the basketballs were deflated — thank God,” laughed Branch Manager Tito Martinez. “Turns out, deflated basketballs are much easier to transport,” added Hunt.

As for future plans to participate in another local initiative, the branch is already brainstorming. Now that’s what we call a three-point shot.

City Electric Supply Store Teamed Up with Orlando Magic

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