City Electric Supply Teamed up with Tamlite Lighting to Help Give an Office a Groundbreaking Makeover

City Electric Supply Teamed up with Tamlite Lighting to Help Give an Office a Groundbreaking Makeover

BEDFORD, MA — Farland Corp, a company based in Bedford, MA, wanted to give its office building a makeover to create a more comfortable environment. When City Electric Supply heard that, they knew they had to team up with Tamlite Lighting.

Tamlite Lighting has provided innovative lighting solutions before, and CES VP of Operations Jaime Marujo had just seen it firsthand at the new TAMCO facility when the Farland project opened up.

“Jaime had just come back from a tour of the facility and had seen how they did the layout and the crisscross patterns,” said District Manager Jeremy Higgins.

Marujo was impressed by how the lighting at the TAMCO facility had been unique and functional at the same time, so he showed pictures of it to Farland Corp. The Farland team loved the look, and City Electric Supply immediately went to work with Tamlite Lighting to create the perfect lighting. Tamlite was dedicated to the project and showed meticulous attention to detail every step of the way.

“I think what people might not know about Tamlite is that they have the ability to do custom stuff like this,” said Higgins. “Outside vendors usually have a catalog, that’s it. Tamlite customized everything we needed down to the tiniest measurements.”

From quote to finish, and with everything customized, the entire project took two months, and it turned out beautifully. Today, the new Farland Corp facility is viewed as an example of the great work other potential clients can get when they work with CES and Tamlite Lighting.

One of the reasons the project went so smoothly is because of the consistent open communication between all of the parties involved: City Electric Supply, Tamlite Lighting and the customer. According to Higgins, the most impressive part of the project was the teamwork. “The best part about this project was the teamwork,” reflected Higgins. “The customer was willing to work with us and let us suggest things and see them through, and that’s why it turned out so well. Everyone was helpful, and the feedback has reflected that.”

And it’s safe to say the customer and City Electric Supply were not the only ones happy with the outcome of the project. “The project came out amazing! Thank you, CES, for giving us the opportunity to make this project a reality,” said TAMCO VP of Operations Jordan McGinn.

City Electric Supply (CES) is a family-owned electrical wholesale distributor headquartered in Dallas, Texas. The company was founded in 1951 by Tom Mackie in the United Kingdom and expanded to the United States in 1983. Today, CES employs more than 3,000 people in over 500 branches across the U.S.

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