Cortet Simplifies Smart Lighting, Building Controls from OEM to End User

 Cortet Simplifies Smart Lighting, Building Controls from OEM to End User



There are many smart building and IoT lighting technologies available on the market today, but it can be challenging to find a suite of products that all talk to each other and are controllable through one easy-to-use interface. Cortet has established itself as the leader in smart building IoT technologies by creating the industry standard for compatibility and performance, the Cortet Lighting Control System.

Various manufacturers have already achieved Cortet Certification for gateways, switches, sensors and other IoT-connected system components. Cortet engineers scrutinize each device, subjecting it to rigorous testing to ensure that the hardware and software for every device is reliable in a large scale wireless system. Cortet engineers work closely with Cortet Certified Partners to generate end products that will meet the demands of small to mid-size commercial building environments.

Once a device is certified, customers of Cortet solutions can buy it for use in commercial deployments. This includes products such as Leviton light switches and sensors, and ILLUMRA wireless fixture controllers.

Through the “Powered by Cortet” program, luminaire OEMs interested in expanding product offerings beyond static lamps and luminaires can integrate certified products into their current solutions to generate new revenue streams without investing time and money into new product development.

When sourcing products from a “Powered by Cortet” OEM partner, building owners, facility managers, installers and architects have a one-stop shop for their lighting automation needs. Hours no longer need to be spent researching, evaluating and testing products to determine if they will work together for the desired result. Cortet has already completed the groundwork, delivering a turnkey, reliable smart building solution that can be controlled through one mobile app interface onsite or remotely.

“Until recently if you wanted to retrofit a building or design a new structure with connected lighting and automated building control features it was often a Frankenstein project,” said Erik Davidson, Director of Marketing & Product Management, Cortet. “And OEMs interested in expanding product offerings had to invest a lot of time and money in R+D to venture into the automation space. We’re bringing together the best products, delivering them to OEMs for integration into lamp and luminaire offerings and supplying end-users with a solution that makes sense. It is a win for everyone involved and a faster ticket to greener, healthier buildings.”

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