Current by GE Announces Its Broadest Portfolio of New Product Releases

 Current by GE Announces Its Broadest Portfolio of New Product Releases


Current, powered by GE unveiled a series of new products at LIGHTFAIR International in Chicago that significantly expand the company’s portfolio of retrofit, connected and specialized LED and controls offerings.  The business is displaying several proprietary technologies that spotlight its continued focus on the digital transformation of lighting infrastructure.

“We continue investing in cutting-edge lighting technology because it helps our customers solve problems while making their spaces more vibrant, inviting and productive,” said Melissa Wesorick, General Manager of LED Products & Technology for Current by GE. “The depth and breadth of our new products reflect our industry’s shift toward a more connected future across a wider diversity of applications.”

Current by GE is showcasing more than 25 new products and solution enhancements at the trade event.  Notably more than 75 percent of the new indoor and outdoor products are digitally enabled, so customers can continue adding new sensors and apps that will help transform their buildings into intelligent environments.

Current by GE unveiled the first LED tubes integrated with GE’s patented TriGain* technology to enhance both their color rendering index (CRI) and R9, a saturated red critical to color accuracy.  The Lumination LED indoor fixture collection with TriGain allows retail and commercial lighting designers to achieve optimal color rendering for merchandise and architectural detail while improving energy efficiency.

Lumination recessed fixtures are also now available for the first time with integrated sensors that utilize one of three Daintree wireless control networks for either standalone, distributed or centralized lighting control.  Customers now have wireless choices from Current by GE to match their smart building application needs today or in the future.  According to the U.S. Department of Energy, if all U.S. lighting systems were converted to LEDs and configured with connected lighting controls, the resulting annual energy cost savings would be approximately $44 billion.

In an industry first, Current unveiled fixtures featuring GE UV-A disinfection technology that allow patients and medical staff to be present while surfaces are continuously being disinfected.  The new Lumination LBT fixture with disinfection technology is capable of inactivating or killing up to 90 percent of common pathogens.  This technology can be integrated into a wide array of Current by GE LED fixtures.  Infection-related hospital readmissions, including avoidable health care-associated infections, accounted for 28 percent of all-cause readmissions. 1

In response to growing demand in the horticulture market segment, Current has expanded the Arize* product line to optimize growth and control flowering for indoor vertical farming, growth chambers/rooms, greenhouses and hydroponic or aeroponic operations.  The Arize TopLight, LED Tube and Greenhouse Pro bulb with photoperiod control are the most recent additions and allow growers and operators to manage vegetative growth or rapid flowering so plants are market-ready throughout the year.

With the introduction of Daintree EZ Connect, Current by GE customers can commission a room-based wireless control system through a mobile application.  The solution is designed to easily upgrade to a Daintree Enterprise system, which digitizes building assets through Current’s intelligent environment platform when customers want to harness the value of data collection.  With Daintree Enterprise, customers can use an open API to build their own smart building solutions or choose an app from Current’s robust partner ecosystem to drive digital transformation throughout their organization.   The global market for IoT in buildings is growing by 20.7 percent annually and is projected to reach $75.5 billion by 2021. 2


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2 Memoori Report: The Internet of Things in Smart Commercial Buildings 2016 to 2021


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