Cuvée Systems Releases Universal Quad Mode Driver (120 – 277V)

The Industry’s First Universal Driver That Can Dim By All 4 Commonly Used Dimming Methods

Cuvée Systems® has announced its Universal Quad Mode Driver ideal for both residential and commercial applications. This is the industry’s first universal driver that can dim by all 4 commonly used dimming methods: phase cut leading edge or trailing edge, 0-10V or PWM. This deep-dimming (<1%) driver is being sold in three different constant current outputs: 350, 500 and 700 mA. With multiple international certifications, an ultra- compact size and plastic and metal housing options, this driver streamlines installation in a wide range of lighting environments.

One driver, one design, one SKU.

“We are excited to announce this particular driver into our portfolio as it has an incredible array of unique product advantages,” said Ray Chock, CEO of Cuvée Systems. “This is the only driver on the market that supports quad mode dimming at all input voltages from 120-277. This driver dramatically reduces the SKU count as one driver will work in any US (120/277VAC) or EU (230VAC) outlet and will also work flawlessly with most types of analog dimmer. As a bonus feature, this is the world’s first driver to provide phase cut dimming at 277VAC, opening even more options. Finally, these drivers provide both UL Class P and ENEC certifications.”

The Cuvée Systems brand of drivers are exclusively available from Luminus and the Luminus worldwide franchised distributor network. As with other Cuvée LED drivers, when used with compatible Luminus COBs, Luminus offers a combined 5- year system warranty that covers both the LED and the driver.

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Cuvée Systems Releases Universal Quad Mode Driver (120 - 277V)

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