Deco Lighting and PQL Adopt the Amazon Customer Service Model

Amazon is among the most talked-about companies in the world, and for good reason. What’s remarkable is that throughout Amazon’s growth story, it has never lost sight of its customers, repeatedly developing seamless user experiences.  The need for escalated customer service is so rare because the experience is consistently so good. 

Deco Lighting and PQL have adopted Amazon’s six tenets for customer service: Relentlessly advocate for customers;  Trust our customers and rely on associates to use good judgment; Anticipate customer needs and treat their time and attention as sacred; Deliver personalized, peculiar experiences that customers love;  Make it simple to detect and systematically escalate problems; Eliminate customer effort through this sequential and systematic approach: defect elimination, self-service, automation, and support from an expert associate.

Deco and PQL have added personnel to make it easier to get assistance for design, build and competitive cross-opportunities, and to reduce the time necessary to get a complete project quote. Online product portals are being enhanced to provide more product information, including inventory and space where localized, mid-stream rebate programs can be stored and accessed by distribution partners.

Inventory levels continue to increase, with over 50 containers having arrived in the past 45 days, and more on the way. Deco and PQL have added customer service personnel to make it even easier to talk to an actual person when needed.

“While we can’t get your orders delivered to your doorstep in a few hours (not yet, at least), we are well on our way to becoming the envy of the lighting/electrical industry from a customer service perspective,” says Sam Sanai, Founder of Deco.  

As Andy Sreden, Founder and CEO of PQL likes to say, “People can get lighting products from anywhere, but with PQL, we sell quality and service along with our lighting products.”

Sam Sinai continues by saying, “Through this past year, especially, we’ve heard from countless distributors that now, more than ever, they want their vendor partners to make it exceptionally easy to do business with them. I can share with great confidence “Message received” – we’re on it! Service is rapidly becoming the key differentiator, and Deco Lighting and PQL are well on their way to becoming the industry leaders in that regard. Stay tuned for more enhancements and updates!”

Deco Lighting and PQL Adopt the Amazon Customer Service Model

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