DECO Lighting Debuts the Vector Linear Architectural Luminaire, New Series of High-Performance LED Luminaires Designed for Modern Interior Spaces

 DECO Lighting Debuts the Vector Linear Architectural Luminaire, New Series of High-Performance LED Luminaires Designed for Modern Interior Spaces



DECO Lighting introduces the Vector, a unique modular family of modern interior LED luminaires designed specifically for high-end architectural, retail, and hospitality spaces. The Vector series is the first in a brand new line of high-end architectural interior luminaires designed and built in California by DECO Lighting.

Throughout 2016, DECO Lighting refined its vision as a purely-LED lighting company, placing a focus on designing and developing all-new LED lighting solutions that marry top-end performance with modern aesthetics and quality construction. With a forward-thinking sensibility in its ideation and design, the Vector utilizes high quality components to deliver optimal light output while minimizing its environmental impact by utilizing strategically sourced materials.

The Vector is a system of modular linear sections that can be combined to create almost any configuration imaginable for interior spaces. Available in standard lengths of 2 feet up to 8 feet, the Vector is also joinable to create run lengths in one-foot increments. When compared against existing architectural fixtures on the market, the Vector also carries incredible performance with an efficacy of up to 109 lumens per watt paired with a minimum 95 CRI. Additionally, the Vector also delivers energy-efficient illumination with an R9 value of 69 or better, incorporating an efficient thermal management system with state-of-the-art LED chipsets. The Vector series has been precision-engineered to fit nearly any interior application, with pendant, surface, wall, and recessed styles available to match the specifier’s desired interior aesthetic.

“While there are many companies that offer linear LED slot style luminaires, few succeed at providing a product with excellent aesthetics, ease of installation, and high performance. The Vector has been designed to be quickly and easily installed, with no installation issues. Its clean lines and minimalist aesthetic underscore its design flexibility and industry-leading performance,” says Michael Bailey, Director of Engineering at Deco Lighting.

Debuting with a 2-inch lens aperture–with 1-inch and 3-inch styles slated for release in late Q2 2017–the Vector is available with independent direct/indirect lighting output, enabling a lighting designer to select the desired ratio of uplight to downlight to suit their interior space. Featuring a heavily frosted bottom lens, the Vector provides even and dispersed illumination free of the signature glare that is common to lower-quality interior luminaires where raw LEDs are exposed. Delivering up to 900 lumens per foot of direct illumination and 1,200 lumens per foot of indirect output, the Vector is available in color temperatures ranging from 2700K to 4000K and the system runs at an energy-efficient 7, 10, or 15 watts per foot depending on the output level selected. With uplight and downlight power output independently selectable, designers are given the freedom to create a custom balance of direct and indirect illumination for any interior space.

“The Vector system is yet another revolutionary milestone for us; this new series of modular linear sections not only delivers an architecturally aesthetic design, but will also provide our customers the ability to utilize the fixture in a variety of diverse, creative applications,” says Sam Sinai, CEO and Co-Founder at Deco Lighting.

The Vector series will showcase the all-new DECO Tune system from DECO Lighting, an innovative, human-centric feature that utilizes advanced 5-channel color tuning technology and the Vector’s independently-selectable direct/indirect illumination capability. This innovative feature is designed to be customizable to the desired application and complement the daily routine of inhabitants within an interior space. The DECO Tunesystem, along with convenient wireless control options from partners like Lutron, is engineered to create a unique interior luminaire solution that not only saves energy over traditional lighting fixtures, but one that is also dynamically tunable to the needs of an interior space and its occupants.

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