EarthTronics Offers New TBEM10 Emergency Power Source

EarthTronics Offers New TBEM10 Emergency Power Source

EarthTronics introduces its TBEM10 as an emergency back-up power source designed to drive LED T8, T5 and PL-L Type B UL tubes in the event of a power failure in offices, health care, institutional, commercial and industrial facilities.  

Specifically designed for retrofitting existing fluorescent fixtures which have integral emergency back-up systems, the TBEM10 provides 10 watts of constant power to a single LED Type B UL tube for a minimum of 90 minutes, meeting NEC and NFPA requirements for emergency lighting.  

TBEM10 delivers an energy saving solution to existing fluorescent emergency systems and installs following a similar wiring diagram, utilizing both switched and un-switched load wires found in these applications. The unit serves as an alternative to simply skipping over emergency back-up fixtures and provides a highly-efficient solution. LED Type B lamps are commonly used for retrofitting fluorescent systems when the ballast is removed from the circuit for increased energy efficiency.  

The TBEM10 from EarthTronics ships complete with installation instructions and test switch. The charging system and lithium-ion battery have a design life of more than 100 deep cycles. The solid-state circuitry uses 10 watts during the recharge cycle and consumes just 1.0 watts in stand-by operation.  When properly applied with EarthTronics LED T8 Type B has a constant 10-watt output for over 90 minutes, which meets and exceeds NEC and NFPA requirements.  

The TBEM10 operates on either switched or unswitched 120/277VAC power at temperatures between 32° to 122°F (0° to 50°C). EarthTronics backs the TBEM10 with a five-year product warranty. For more information about the TBEM10, please consult lamp compatibility list at

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