Eaton Adds Intelligent Capabilities to Residential Wiring Devices

Offers seamless control and connectivity with Amazon Alexa

Eaton announced the latest series of intelligent power innovations for home builders, residential contractors and homeowners to simplify installation and adoption of home automation solutions. Eaton’s new portfolio of Wi-Fi smart devices, including dimmers, switches and receptacles, can seamlessly connect to Amazon Alexa upon setup without the need for a third-party hub. From scheduling a morning routine to dimming the lights at night, Eaton’s Wi-Fi smart devices offer remote and voice-command capabilities for homeowners using the Amazon Alexa app and Alexa-enabled devices, such as Amazon Echo and Amazon Echo Show smart speakers.

Research shows 70% of U.S. smart speaker owners are expected to use Amazon Echo devices, according to analyst firm eMarketer, with convenience and voice control ranking as top priorities for homeowners when using smart home technology. As the pandemic has caused many people to spend more time at home, marketing analyst firm ABI Research estimates that voice-control device shipments will grow as much as 30% globally this year.

“We designed our Wi-Fi smart devices in cooperation with Amazon in order to offer unbeatable setup and compatibility with the industry-leading smart home assistant, while making installation as easy as replacing existing wall switches or receptacles,” said Rebecca Bitter, associate product manager, Commercial & Residential Distribution Solutions, Eaton. “Eaton is bringing a new level of convenience in the home, enhancing opportunities for homeowners to save energy, feel more comfortable and secure, and see every room become more livable.”

Eaton developed the Wi-Fi smart dimmers, switches and receptacles with Amazon’s Alexa Connect Kit (ACK) to integrate with Alexa and provide Frustration-Free Setup and reliability with no additional hubs required. Once installed in the home, users can simply open the Amazon Alexa app to find and set up Eaton’s Wi-Fi smart devices. Once connected, homeowners can use voice-commands to control lighting and motor loads for equipment like fans, pool pumps and home appliances. They can also remotely control devices, create routines and schedules, and group devices together using the Amazon Alexa app.

By working with Amazon for unbeatable compatibility with Alexa, Eaton continues its strategic approach of collaborating and directly integrating with industry-leading home automation control platforms and service providers. This builds on existing industry relationships, such as Eaton’s integration with smart home security provider These partnerships allow Eaton to support several home automation solutions, including Wi-Fi and Z-Wave Plus devices, to meet the varying needs and preferences of home builders, contractors, professional remodelers and homeowners.

“We look forward to continuing to build on our industry relationships and open platform integrations as we expand our Wi-Fi smart devices family and overall smart home portfolio,” said Bitter.

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