Ed Marinelli Announces Retirement from Electri-Flex Company

Ed Marinelli Announces Retirement from Electri-Flex Company


Ed Marinelli, President of Electri-Flex Company, has announced his retirement effective December, 31, 2018.

Ed began his career in the electrical industry in 1966 as a junior salesman for Anaconda. In 1981 he received a call to interview at Electri-Flex and began his career with the Company as the General Sales Manager. Then in 1987 he moved up to Vice President–Sales. The untimely death of West Kinander, Jr. in Sept. 1991 led to his appointment as President, where he successfully helped lead the Company. Ed was inducted into the Chicago Electric Association Hall of Fame in 2004, was the Electric Golf Club Man of the Year in 2006 and earned the Thomas F. Preston Manufacturer of the Year award in 2012.  Ed has been a strong advocate of NEMRA, NAED and the Chicago Electric Association throughout his career in the electrical industry.

Blue Kinander Kelly reflected on his time with the Company, “It has been an honor to work shoulder to shoulder with Ed throughout my 26-year career in the industry. He has taught me a variety of lessons. The biggest take away though has been his passion and work ethic at Electri-Flex.”

For more information on Electri-Flex Company visit: www.electriflex.com.







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