Elco Lighting Hosts Annual Mid-Year Sales Meeting and New Product Launch

Elco Lighting Hosts Annual Mid-Year Sales Meeting and New Product Launch


VERNON, CA – Elco Lighting invites all their manufacturers’ agents to the SoCal factory for new product and sales meeting.  “With the company experiencing such rapid market growth adding multiple new product systems, new color temperatures and marketing collateral, holding our annual meeting is really a must do to methodically launch and coordinate the literature and sales tool support with each of our new product systems; that is if you want to become more important to your customers like we strive to do,” says Brandon Cohen, Elco’s Operations Manager.

Elco Lighting is best known for providing very high quality products that are equipped with the latest in LED technology at a fair market price. “Elco new products must go through their paces before they are released into the market,” says, Dante Venturelli, who manages the company’s new business development effort. Elco Lighting employs strict measures of quality control systems with its components parts used in the assembly of LED fixtures.

The bulk of Elco’s manufacturers’ agents in attendance at the late August meeting provided for a large and diverse group of “A” type sales professionals all chomping at the bit to see the new items.  “It was a great turnout of sales men and women that arrived in Los Angeles, coming from 23 different states. “There is always a bit of pressure to ensure these meetings provide value for the reps who have taken the time out of their schedules to attend, in some cases traveled great distances to be here and most importantly who are not selling in their territories and earning,” States Dante.

The best choice in lighting is becoming much easier to work with according to several Elco sales agents. “Our customer’s and agent’s ease of doing business with ELCO is as important to me as our quality is,” says Steve Cohen, President of Elco Lighting.   Elco Lighting’s new products that were launched included the 1” Oak™ System, LED Sky™ Panels, The 0-10V Dimmable Ply™ System, The Cedar™ System and ELM System adding 3” Ultra-Thin gimbal LED panel fixture to that family along with several LED under Cabinet and LED track head additions.


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