Elco Lighting’s Sunset Dimming Option is Bringing Back the Halogen Glow with the LED Advantages

Elco Lighting’s Sunset Dimming Option is Bringing Back the Halogen Glow with the LED Advantages

Elco Lighting announces the Sunset Dimming as an option for their LED Inserts, Cedar™ System, Laurel™ System, ELL™ System, Koto™ System and LED track fixtures.  What is ELCO Sunset Dimming?

Elco Lighting’s Sunset Dim Technology was designed as the perfect lighting product for hospitality applications as it allows for a well-lit room when not dimmed and creates a warm, rich feel when dimmed.  Sunset Dim has been designed to allow for a radiant 3000K dimmed down to comfortable 1800K to mimic the incandescent predecessor.

Sunset Dim can be used to enhance the mood of any space by bringing a sense of intimacy and comfort all from a touch of a wall dimmer. Hospitality applications are frequently asking for ELCO’s Sunset dimming technology for a clean 3000K during daytime hours, dimmed to a warm 1800K for evening hours. “The technology allows my customers to be a casual restaurant for breakfast and lunch and transition into a romantic upper class restaurant for dinner,” says Sam, Capital Wholesale in Lawndale, CA. Sammy continued, “…and this is why I have effectively switched all my restaurant clientele over to the ELCO sunset dim product.”

“Here at Elco Lighting we feel that the neatness of the sunset dimming feature gives customers a light they truly enjoy,” says, Brandon Cohen – Operations at Elco Lighting.  Brandon goes on to say, “We all tend to get very excited and find ourselves chomping at the bit to continue expanding our sunset dimming technology into new fixtures and options per our customer’s requests.  That’s just a huge part of what makes a sales person motivated, which is an appetite that needs to be constantly fed.”  “Our sales food is all the very cool technology advances in all the new ELCO products, and then being able to see these products beautifying new builds,” comments Dante Venturelli, Elco Lighting’s Business Development Manager.

Visit: www.elcolighting.com for more information on ELCO products.

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