Electri-Flex Company Joins ETIM N.A. and Commits to Data Enrichment in IDEA Connector

ROSELLE, IL – Electri-Flex Company has committed to the future growth of product classification and enriched product data by becoming a Direct Member of ETIM North American, as well as enriching over 700 active products available in IDEA Connector. These moves show the supply chain and distributor partners that Electri-Flex is committed to ensuring robust product data and classification development as key business objectives moving forward.

Electri-Flex is the latest manufacturer to become a Direct Member of ETIM North America. “ETIM has huge potential in helping us move our industry forward with a simple yet robust description model,” stated Brock Klein, National Sales Manager. Mary Shaw, Executive Director of ETIM North America added, “We welcome Electri-Flex’ support for ETIM North America and are encouraged that they see the opportunity to move our industry forward. It is important that all manufacturers who value channel efficiency, who recognize that the electrical ecosystem is undergoing digital transformation, and who are industry leaders, be part of the process. The more companies are involved, the quicker we can support refinement of the model for North American products.” ETIM North America, a member of ETIM International, supports a global format for product data based on taxonomic identification, making data sharing and exchange easier among B2B organizations, and allowing for greater collaboration worldwide.

Partnering with DATAgility for data enhancement, Electri-Flex enriched 727 active products with up to 35 additional data fields, containing transaction and descriptive product information in IDEA Connector. This is in addition to the 43 critical data fields already populated. IDEA, the Industry Data Exchange Association, manages a continually updated Master Data Platform where manufacturers share current product and pricing data with distributors and other wholesale trading partners, in one standardized electronic format. IDEA is a member of the ETIM N.A. Board of Directors and is lead for the Electrical sector board, in addition to supporting the adoption and utilization of the ETIM product classification standards in IDEA Connector.

Product fields that were added or enhanced include those most requested by distributors, such as: catalog descriptions, marketing bullets, higher resolution images, videos, catalogs, packaging, harmonization codes, certifications & compliance, and more. DATAgility is a data management service provider that collects, organizes, normalizes, and delivers high quality data to feed e-commerce and PIM systems.

The Industry Data Exchange Association, Inc. (IDEA) is the official technology service provider and eBusiness standards body of the electrical industry. IDEA helps hundreds of manufacturers and distributors effectively and efficiently exchange transactional and eCommerce content on a day-to-day basis. IDEA was founded in 1998 through a partnership formed by the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) and the National Association of Electrical Distributors (NAED). Their applications also bring value to vertical markets such as industrial, retail, and consumer-packaged goods. IDEA is headquartered in Arlington, VA (idea4industry.com).

For more information on Electri-Flex Company, visit: www.electriflex.com.

Electri-Flex Company Joins ETIM N.A. and Commits to Data Enrichment in IDEA Connector

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