Emerson Adds New Greenlee Circuit Seeker and Ground Resistance Tester to its Test and Measurement Tools

Emerson Adds New Greenlee Circuit Seeker and Ground Resistance Tester to its Test and Measurement Tools


Emerson announced the expansion of Greenlee’s test and measurement offering to include an ergonomically designed, high-quality Circuit Seeker and Ground Resistance Tester.

The new Greenlee CS-5000 Circuit Seeker can identify, trace and find faults in electrical circuits. It can operate on live circuits without disrupting service or can operate effectively on de-energized circuits. Additionally, the Greenlee CMGRT-100A Ground Resistance Tester is rated CAT IV, 600V and includes an industry-leading safety feature which warns if dangerous voltage is detected. The tester also features a large, bright display that is easy to read.

“We engineered these instruments to be highly versatile and rugged, based on customer feedback,” said Keith Moffatt, product manager for Greenlee, Test and Measurement, Emerson Commercial & Residential Solutions. “Safety, productivity and ergonomics are always foremost in our minds, and in the minds of our customers as well.”

The Greenlee CS-5000 has several unique features that support productivity and improve safety. The front-facing LED display promotes an ergonomic working posture, while the overmolded grip design reduces hand fatigue. The “Auto-Gain” technology automatically adjusts the seeker’s sensitivity and increases both accuracy and speed when locating breakers. The receiver and the transmitter have LED indicators to warn if there is live voltage on the circuit being tested. The CS-5000 supports transmitter-to-receiver distances up to four miles for closed circuit tracing.

The CS-5000’s battery life indicator maximizes productivity by alerting the operator when the battery is low. In addition, the instrument will automatically turn off to conserve power when not in use.

The new Greenlee Ground Resistance Tester CMGRT-100A provides an efficient and safer alternative for ground testing than the traditional Fall-of-Potential (FOP) method.

The CMGRT-100A eliminates the need for the ground to be disconnected during testing. This ensures the grounding protection is not compromised during testing that would occur with the FOP test method. The voltage detection feature alerts the operator if voltage is present on the ground by emitting a discernable tone and displaying a large “V” on the screen. The tester has a Cat IV / 600-Volt safety rating –the highest in the industry for a 600-volt device of this type.

The CMGRT-100A eliminates the need to drive multiple stakes into the ground as required by the FOP method, which provides significant time savings. It has an exceptional operating temperature range from -4 to 131 degrees Fahrenheit, allowing operators to use it in a variety of environments. The tester has a high-capacity memory which can hold up to 300 measurements. Furthermore, the automatic time and date stamp function facilitate accurate and timely recordkeeping. The bright–yellow, large display is easy to read in the widest range of lighting conditions, reducing eye strain. In addition, the Greenlee Ground Resistance Tester can test impedance on four different frequencies (50Hz, 60Hz, 128Hz and 2083Hz).

The CMGRT-100A comes listed by ETL for Canada and the U.S. It also carries the CE mark for sale in China and Europe.

For more information, visit: www.Emerson.com.



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