Emerson Upgrades Appleton Explosion-proof LED Luminaries

Emerson Upgrades Appleton Explosion-proof LED Luminaries


Emerson has launched an upgraded version of its successful Appleton® FELED Series of non-metallic, explosion-proof linear LED luminaries. Emerson first introduced the Appleton FELED LEDs in 2016, and since then the luminaires have been widely installed in petrochemical and chemical processing plants and other industries where flammable gases, vapors, and dusts are present.

Appleton FELED LED luminaries are now proven to deliver 65% higher energy efficiency, significantly lower maintenance costs, and a longer life span when compared to conventional fluorescent technologies.

Since the initial launch, Emerson has continued to refine and expand the LED technologies incorporated into Appleton FELED luminaries. New, more advanced LED boards used in the FELED Series now offer a wider variety of color temperature options for end-users to choose from to customize their lighting environment. While the first generation featured a single color temperature of 5650K, the new FELED Series has both a 5000K and 4000K option.

In addition to providing greater versatility and comfort, the new LED chip solutions improve lumen outputs and efficacy to an unprecedented level. Also, acting on feedback from customers, Emerson has kept the same housing design and easy installation methods.

The two new FELED color temperature options allow customers to choose from cool white 5000K for warehouses requiring vibrant, crisp illumination, or a warmer 4000K for work spaces that require less blue light in the visual color spectrum. In addition, the 4000K series features a high color rendering index of 80 CRI. This combination of LED color temperature choices, and higher CRI, offers a more versatile lighting solution for harsh and hazardous industrial locations. Uniform bright light and superior color rendering create safer working conditions in areas such as walkways, bridges, tunnels, operation floors, and roadways where sub-optimal lighting conditions can lead to serious accidents or mistakes.

Appleton FELED Luminaires make it easy to replace existing fluorescent fixtures. The luminaries feature the same housing and mounting accessories as original FE fluorescent luminaries, maintaining the identical footprint and feel as the fluorescent counterpart.

To fit a wider variety of applications Appleton FELED luminaries are available in light outputs from 2,500 to 7,000 lumens. Importantly, they are equipped with advanced LED thermal management and can meet a wide range of ambient temperature requirements — from -30°C to 55°C (-22°F to 131°F) — to ensure reliable performance in extreme offshore and onshore environments. Even at temperatures as low as -30°C (-22°F), the luminaries turn on instantly without any restrike issues often seen in fluorescent technology under similar conditions.

FELED luminaries are virtually maintenance-free thanks to an LED life rating of over 60,000 hours of operation. In the rare event maintenance is needed, the lens can be quickly removed to access the internal components, while the specially designed hinged cover speeds up the process of replacing drivers, or diffusers.

Emerson FELED luminaries by Appleton are available in both standard and emergency versions. A diffused lens is included in the package for glare reduction and photobiological requirements.

For more information, visit: www.MasteringLED.com.

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